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Slideshow Prices

Our "standard" package is a good starting point when pricing your video slide show. However, any of its elements can be increased or decreased. If you opt for the Standard Package your show will consist of:


 Standard SlideShow $100

-100 Digital photos making a 10 minute video (Provided by you on a CD or  

 a Thumbdrive)

-Random Picture Transitions within slideshow

-Random Pan,Scan & Zooming

-Music Tracks to cover 10minutes (Provided by you)

-1 Biography page at the opening and Thank you page at the

 closing of your video.

-1 Video clip

-3 Dvds of the completed presentation



-Additional Video Clips are $10 per digital clip or $15 per clip from a tape format

-loose picture or document scanning cost .60c each

-If You do not have Music for your slideshow we can aquire it for you at Itunes

at cost plus a $3 search fee per song

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