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Damaged Tapes

 Repairs are $10-$25 per affected tape. This charge covers wrinkled tapes, detached tapes, cotton mold, foreign objects encased and unusually dirty tapes. If the damage is extensive (opened more than two times) and we cannot run your tape we will notify you that we cannot proceed and will discontinue work. No charges will be applied to that tape and the tape will be returned undone.

New Cassette housing for broken or cracked tapes $10

Repairs of tapes are subject to our technician's discretion and may not be offered during our busy periods.


Mold Destruction on your Tape

From our experience we have seen two kinds of mold characteristics that affect video tapes.

The mold from the picture above is the least destructive of the two. We call it cotton and it can cover the entire tape. Handling/Repair for this is $10-$25 per tape- it is very soft, comes apart easily, and ends up coating the insides of out machines and our lungs.


The second mold is not as noticeable but is more destructive than the softer cotton type

It will be $25 just to repair/handle the tape . If Tapes cannot be repaired no charges will be applied and tapes will be returned.

In this Video below the mold is hardly visible to the eye yet it's impact is greater.

It can appear to be small specks or streaks or it can be invisible.

Listen as the reel unwinds and you can hear the mold's adhesive detaching from the sides of the plastic reel.

It is not impossible to fix tapes affected throughout like this one but it requires substantial amount of time, patience, and a bigger budget


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