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Audio Services

Audio Transfers from Cassette Tapes , Reel to Reel , Vinyl Records , or Audio Recorders to Cd and other Formats is another popular service that we offer . Our Dubs are as Clean as your Originals .

Cassette/LP  $15

Track Separation &

Hiss/Noise Reduction $5

Audio Transfer Prices are for Archival Quality

Compact Disks or CDs come with

Full Color Labels and Text as an option.

Please Ask for General use disk

with no labels for a lower price ;)

CD Copy 5.00

6-10 Copies 4.00

11-20 Copies 3.00

21-50 Copies 2.50

51-100 Copies 2.00

We Cut Songs to be used in Pageants, Talent Shows , or On Stage Performances to your specifications.

our rate is $10.00 per cut or per 10min session . Please bring your songs in on any portable

media and have times of the tracks to be cut or blended noted.

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