What Format should i go to?

For a Video File
0-35 minute is 15$  
35min - 1hr  will be $20
1-2hrs $25
You have a choice between apple DV,-Mov. File (Mac Users)  or AVI(Mpeg) for PC Users. Both file types can be used between the two computer platforms unless your machine is over ten years old or do not have the encoder which can be downloaded for free from apple or Microsoft 3rd party sights.

MP4 which is often requested is not an Archive file type it is heavily compressed and used for mostly portable devices like phones ,emailing, net distribution, Video Streaming.

We have chosen to use .MOV and .AVI as the archival format based on Industry recommendations which can be read in any of these three articles.

Smithsonian Institution Archives Recommended Preservation Formats

National Archives FAQ Digital Videos and Audios


A Short Guide to Choosing a Digital Format


Thank you so much for inquiring with us :)

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